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What Separates An Astridge International Medical Chair / Recliner From The Competition?

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Medical Chair Design
At Astridge International we apply a tough design philosophy to guide us in the selection of the medical chairs that we offer for sale. We strongly believe that every medical chair must strictly comply with the following guidelines:

  • A fully adjustable reclining medical chair is preferable - for application in chair, lounge, and bed positions
  • Every medical chair / recliner must allow for easy & comfortable patient entry/exit
  • The medical chair / recliner must be securely balanced in all operational positions
  • Medical chair management and operation should require minimal bending by medical staff
  • The medical chair /recliner must be constructed with easily sanitized materials
  • The medical chair / recliner must correctly support the patient for comfort & security
  • Most applications require that a medical chair / recliner have suitable arm extensions - which must be easily retracted in case of patient collapse
  • A medical chair / recliner should allow for rapid and easy adjustment from sitting to reclining
  • In case of patient collapse, the medical chair / recliner should be capable of rapid and easy adjustment to the Trendelenberg position (raising feet slightly above the head)
  • The ideal medical chair / recliner should be easily customized for an exact fit to its specificmedical purpose
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Height adjustability reduces the phlebotomist and clinicians back-strain issues with this robust multi-positioning chair including Trendelenburg.

Every chair from Astridge International comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the frame and a 3-year Comprehensive Warranty on parts and craftsmanship.

Every chair / recliner is sold exclusively through Astridge International and  built to order and built to last. We pay attention to the details and stand  behind our products.

The Comfortable Choice

We understand the many variables that medical staff face, from the range in size of a patient, to the type of equipment used, and the regulations & procedures followed in different medical facilities.

We offer a wide range of medical chairs, featuring different degrees of motor-assisted operation, designed for 'Stationary' applications.

Whatever Your requirements, we can supply the optimum medical chair to fit them.

Phoenix Phlebotomy Chair Recliner

Astridge International specializes in providing custom medical chair recliners, accessories, and supplies. Our custom medical chair recliner design philosophy allows us to provide production of very high quality 'stationary' phlebotomy chairs, apheresis chairs, dialysis chairs, and chemotherapy chairs manufactured in the USA. In addition, Astridge International is the North American distributor for delta T products. Delta T is a leader in developing and manufacturing cold chain transport solutions for temperature sensitive products in the Life Science sector.


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Phoenix models


Techno Multi-positioning height adjustable Medical Chair

The Phoenix and Phoenix II are our most popular selling phlebotomy chair. User friendly for donor and phlebotomist with rapid Trendelenburg action.

Comfortable motorized medical / phlebotomy chair positions to horizontal and Trendelenburg. 


Our best selling Phlebotomy Chair / Recliner

Phoenix phlebotomy chair recliner
Maxima motorized phlebotomy chair recliner
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