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Techno (TE.US.01)
Reclining Phlebotomy Chairs

Motorized - Height Adjustable
Made in the USA (Brochure & Pricing)
Multiple Techo chair order (4)
Multiple Techo chair order (4)

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Techno Reclining Phlebotomy Chair
Techno Reclining Phlebotomy Chair

The Techno design allows access and exiting from the front or either side of the chair.

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Techno Reclining Phlebotomy Chaireclining phlebotomy chair Astrid
Techno Reclining Phlebotomy Chaireclining phlebotomy chair Astrid

Four locking easy-glide caster wheels.

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Multiple Techo chair order (4)
Multiple Techo chair order (4)

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"A perfect choice where space is a premium."

TECHNO Reclining Phlebotomy Chairs
Height Adjustable | Easily Supports 450 lbs. (204kg)

Techno reclining phlebotomy chair is fully motorized, precisely adjustable, blood drawing chairs - allowing effortless blood donor positioning. Techno reclining phlebotomy chair is ergonomically designed for ultimate patient comfort and specifically engineered to be strong and durable for years of trouble free reliable operation.

The Techno reclining phlebotomy chairs, setting new standards for ease of use and blood donor comfort. The 4-powerful electric motors allow safe, comfortable and precise blood donor positioning at the press of a button on the hand control unit. This 'best in class' blood drawing chair is specifically engineered for long-term, reliable, and durable operation, and can easily be adapted for other medical chair applications.

The Techno can also be supplied with an available range of custom phlebotomy trays, to fit Your specific requirements.
Height Adjustability Reduces Work Related 
Shoulder & Back Strain & Injuries
Astridge International, Inc.
  • Top of seatback cushion to floor: 130 cm to 147 cm H ~ 51” to 58” H when in raised position 
  • Top of seat cushion to floor: 51 cm / 20” H - 69cm / 27” H  (with 4” caster wheels)
  • Total length when reclined: 191 cm / 75”
  • Length of back seat cushion: 85 cm / 33.5”
  • Trendelenburg reclined height at each end: 80 cm foot & 62 cm head / 31.5” foot & 24.5” head
  • Headrest: 38cm  L x 25 cm H / 15” L x 10” H
  • Full chair width: with armrest/side panels up: 34 cm / 89 cm ~ 37” / 35” 
  • Seat cushion: 61 cm  W x 53 cm L ~ 24” W x 21” L
  • Cushioned armrest: 38 cm L x 16 cm W ~ 15” L x 6.5” W
  • Footprint when upright: 109 cm L x 94 cm W ~ 43” L x 37” W
  • Base frame: 100 cm x 74cm ~ 39.5” L x 29” W
  • Lower leg support cushion: 37cm H x 47cm W ~ 4.5” H x 18.5” W
  • Weight capacity: 204 kg ~ 450 lbs.​
  • Sanitary Paper Roll Holder (TE.PH.01)
  • Multi-positioning Armrest (TE.PA.01) - 15”L x 5”W. Height adjustable 7”, angles & turns. Concave surface provides additional comfort and arm stability.
  • Table with Stand (TE.TV.01)  - 12” x 12”. Combination DVD stand/Personal belongs tray. Can be positioned on either side of chair.
  • Technicians Tray (TE.TT.01)  - 12” x 12”.  Use for writing / utensils. Can be positioned on either side of chair. 
All product designs are subject to change without notice.
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