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"A Comfortable Chair Equals Quality Care"
Techno reclining phlebotomy chair Astrid
Astridge International was formed in 1996 in partnership with Strub GmbH of Rohrbach, Germany to establish sales of stationary and portable phlebotomy chairs in the North American market.
During WWII, engineer André Strub, befriended PhD Arnault Tzanck, a French physician and pioneer in blood transfusion. Early in the 1950s, Strub was tasked by Dr. Tzanck to design and produce needed items for the French Blood Bank. Strub developed a bed for blood collection and the first blood mixer. 
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Strub began manufacturing phlebotomy beds, chairs and accessories in Paris, France. They moved to Germany in the seventies and have grown their business exponentially throughout the world over the decades. 
First Furniture designed for mobile coll
In 2001, Astridge International switch from importing to manufacturing both portable and stationary phlebotomy chairs and lounges in the United States. A decision was made in 2017 to focus specifically on our best selling stationary units.
  • Reclining phlebotomy chairs must be securely balanced in all operational positions
  • Reclining phlebotomy chairsmust be constructed with easily sanitized materials
  • Reclining phlebotomy chairs must fully support the patient - who may faint, or lose balance, during venipuncture
  • Reclining phlebotomy chairs must be comfortable for the patient
  • Reclining phlebotomy chairs arm extensions should be available for either arm - for patients with accessible veins in only one arm
  • Arm extensions must provide visibility of the elbow region, be largeenough to securely support venipuncture, and be easily retracted in case of patient collapse
  • An adjustable reclining phlebotomy chair is preferable - requiring minimal bending for venipuncture
  • Reclining phlebotomy chairs chair should allow for rapid and easy adjustment from sitting to reclining, supine and Trendelenberg position - in the event of the patient fainting or going into shock
  • Reclining phlebotomy chairscasters should allow easy repositioning and lock to secure safety in operation.
Our reclining phlebotomy chairs are each built to order. Attention to detail allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the frame structure and a 3-year Comprehensive Warranty on all parts and craftsmanship.    
We provide a lifetime warranty on the complete frame structure.  This includes the base frame, upholstery frame, steel armrest components, mechanical steel components.

Our upholstery offers superior bacterial protection and results in a more hygienic environment, because germ counts can be kept down. It also guards against the surface growth of fungus, mold and mildew spores, making it ideal for healthcare applications. Standard test methods confirm that this material offers the toughest abrasion protection available for vinyl fabrics - demonstrating excellent resistance to scuffing and burnishing which can make ordinary vinyls look old before their time.

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